Next Generation Jewelry ERP

Originally the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) that followed by Material Requirements Planning (MRP) further evolved into ERP when a company’s capability planning became part of the standard software activity.
ERP systems handle the Manufacturing, Logistics, Inventory Management, Sales, Shipping, Invoicing, Accounting, Quality Management, and Human Resource Management for a company.
Today’s trends in business practices due to market conditions, regulatory or compliance requirement have brought the fundamental shift the way have brought in a fundamental shift the way we look at our business process or changing requirement by emphasizing more on business process and also leveraging on web technology.

Business Intelligence (BI) is embedded as a part of the Jewelry ERP system. It helps in making decisions real time.

Cloud Reporting
Exhibition Module with RFID
Connectivity with Ecommerce
Connectivity with Mobile App
Job Schedule with lead time line
Factory Capacity Planning
Multi office & Location real time working.
Cellular Multi Factory Management.